Last updated at: May 04, 2022

Hi, I am Kai Wern.

Welcome to my blog. Here I write about software and life. Some of the tools I used day to day are: vim, Elixir/Phoenix, Rust and PostgreSQL. You can expect posts about these from my blog.

I’m now into photography and drawing as well and am trying to write more consistently.


Currently, I am attending RC. During my time here, I’ll be focusing on:

Abandoned Projects

These are some of the side projects that I worked on in the past to learn, which now has been abandoned by me:

  • TIL: A Today I learned web application developed with Phoenix. It includes basic features like adding post with Markdown and tagging. The idea of the application is inspired by Hashrocket TIL.
  • Expendere: A personal finance management web application which includes features like expense tracking, budget and recurring transaction (bills). It is developed with Ruby on Rails and a little bit of Preact. Due to limited time (and interest) available, it is abandoned now.
  • hbtrack: My first first CLI to track habits! It’s written in Ruby and still function well. But I stopped using it and use Streaks instead.

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