Last updated at: Jan 14, 2023

Hi, welcome to my blog! I am Kai Wern, a Software Engineer at Ditto.

Here I write about software and life. Some of the tools I use daily are vim, Rust, Elixir/Phoenix, and PostgreSQL. You can expect posts about these from my blog.

Around March 2022, I attended the Spring batch of the Recurse Center (RC) During my time in here, I have work on:


I’m almost done with dealing with personal chores in my life and starting to get into a more stable routine. While I wish to get back into my previous routine, I’ll take my time to reflect on what’s my focus in 2023.

So, stay tuned.

Abandoned Projects

These are the side projects that I worked in the past to learn, which now have been abandoned by me:

  • TIL: Today I learned a web application developed with Phoenix. It includes basic features like adding posts with Markdown and tagging. The idea of the application is inspired by Hashrocket TIL.
  • hbtrack: My first CLI to track habits! It’s written in Ruby and still functions well. I stopped using it, and uses Streaks instead.

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