Sep 07, 2022

How can I write more consistently

Last updated at: Mar 23, 2024

Recently, I have not been able to write as productively as I can as before. I have a couple of topics I can write about. It is just hard for me to sit down and write.

Sometimes, when I came across a particular topic that I’m excited about, I might end up finish the first draft in a single sitting. But to be a great writer, I can’t rely on those rare moments.

Why I am able to write more during my time in RC, but now that I have all my time for myself, I can’t?

  • Is it because of lack of motivation?
  • Is it because of all my energy has been drained up to deal with job applications and personal chores?
  • Is it because my process or routine of writing is not well established yet?
  • Is it because I feel that there’s so much thing I don’t know about and I should spend more of my time learning instead?

How can I write more consistently, despite of all these factors? More importantly, among these factors, what are in my control?

I can’t control my level of motivation and those unavoidable activities that will drained up my energy. Things happen. Good or bad, excited or tiring, things happen in life and we have to learn to deal with it.

What I have control is my process, routine and thoughts. So, instead of dwelling on the other things, let’s focus on how can I improve the things I’m in control of:

  1. First and foremost, stop thinking about not being good enough to write and share the knowledge I know.
  2. Since I spent a lot of my time reading articles and books, I can write a recap on what I have learned. The outcome might be a series of “Articles I read this week” and published weekly in this site.
  3. If there’s a bad day, just schedule a 20 minutes time block, sit down and write something. It can be anything bad. The key is to get into the motion of writing.

If there’s one thing that I can do to ensure I write more consistently, is to spend 20 minutes every day to just write, is to start writing consistently, even it’s just 20 minutes a day.

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